Quilting Fun

While I love the satisfaction of finishing a quilt, it isn't the only way to have fun with quilting. Fun also comes from the great outings with girlfriends, shopping expeditions with Grandma, or just sitting in my "thoughtful spot" chair perusing magazines and books. The thrill of the next project waiting just there on the horizon...

Saturday, October 3, 2015


I am not a neat-freak.

This recent bout of "let's clean the sewing room" is entirely uncharacteristic of me, but I have to admit, I really like the tidier workspace.

I promised to show some pictures of my efforts, so without further ado, let's take a peek.

Fat quarters (and a few other things) are neatly folded and stored in this chest of drawers.

This illustrates what I see when I open a drawer. Ideally, I will sort these by color, but I don't want to get too OCD about things!

I consolidated quite a few things and ended up emptying all these tubs! That just shows you how disorganized this space had become!

To cut down on the amount of time I spend opening tubs in search of whatever, I labeled most UFOs and other projects so that I could more readily identify without having to dig through a tub to unravel a mystery. This will be a true time-saver!

I am demonstrating hand-quilting today at Greenfield's History Day festivities. It's gonna be cold, blustery and rainy - I suspect that attendance will be off as a result.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Too Busy To Blog

Retirement is just not supposed to keep me this busy. Honestly, though, the calendar has been full these past few days. I have just enough time to post a picture of the quilt I am going to demonstrate hand quilting on at the annual History Day festivities tomorrow.

Pretty, isn't it? I came across it in my recent sewing room clean-out of the previous week. I will provide more complete details about it soon. Today I am off to the Nutter Center in Dayton for Ohio One Stop - a quilt show. Yes, I plan to take pics. Please pray that the spending bug stays away!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hexie Update

For someone who swore she would never - NEVER - get started on this English Paper Piecing craze, I sure seem to be making more hexie units than I thought I would. And, while I may be 'going over to the dark side,' I am still very much a novice at this particular craze.

This photo shows the sum total of the hexagon units I've made using this template. What I will eventually end up doing with these, I have not a clue. That seems to be not a concern at this time. I guess what IS the concern (for me, anyway) is figuring out how to make symmetrical units - units that look 'planned.'

 These two hexies show the progress I am making. The top one shows my attempt at having the stripes in the petals all going the same way. I failed at this attempt. The lower picture shows a more successful attempt - having the stripes radiate outward like a flower petal would. This suggestion was made by Jan, one of the Frankfort girls, and the queen of EPP. She has made two full-size quilts and countless smaller projects, so has all the techniques. I suppose that I will eventually learn these things, after all, practice makes perfect; I certainly seem to be content to continue practicing.

This next bit of news will come as a bit of a shock to some of you, so brace yourself. I have been cleaning the sewing room. It all started when I went upstairs with the intent of dealing with "just one tub." Six days and much lifting, sorting, moving and rearranging later, I can at last say that I am 90% done with my cleaning. I need to do a thorough dusting, and several of my surfaces still need to be tidied up. I have dealt with piles on the floor and in corners; I have emptied out a bunch of tubs of varying sizes; and I have labeled UFOs in tubs before tucking away on shelves and in cubbies.

I will bring you pictures in my next post. Stay tuned!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Friday With Friends

Our Frankfort group met at JoAnn's on Friday, and I have a few pictures to share of some of our work. All 6 of us were present, but I have pictures of only three seamstress's work.

JoAnn, our hostess, had just finished a quilt she plans to give a friend who will soon become a first-time grandma. This quilt will be meant to stay at her house for when baby comes to visit. JoAnn was stitching the binding on Friday and finished it up while we visited.

Sheryll found a UFO that needed finishing. She said that she was lots farther along on this than she remembered being, and so she was motivated to finish it. Of course, having fall arriving helps, too.

Jan is making progress on her plan to make 12 table runners for her newly-wed daughter - all themed for holidays or seasons. This particular day, she spent cutting out shapes and letters.

 Terry was working on cutting out shapes, too, but it was just from paper, so I didn't get a picture. Hopefully, I will follow her work and bring updates as she progresses. Sharon O. was continuing her work on a project I have already shown here. Click on this link to see her sweet little table topper. (Scroll down to the pic of appliqued spools and crows.) And I took my EPP kit with the intent of creating some lovelies. I didn't have the glue I needed, which slowed me down a bit; I still managed to make one and I have yet to take a picture of it. I guess I can bring you that tomorrow. Come on back, y'all!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It's Show Time!

The feature of today's show is the happy coincidence that both Sharon and I finished our red and white quilt tops yesterday while sewing together. One part of a four-part idea cooked up back in May or June, has at last been realized.

We took our finished quilt tops out to the shabby bench for a photo op.

Here's mine on the guest bed. the inner (neutral) border is 2 inches; the outer border is 8 inches. The hope was to make the stars look like they are floating on the neutral background. I think it worked. Here's a close up.

This closer view look less yellow-tinted. I cannot explain this. This picture and the one above were taken about 2 seconds apart. (I should take a class in photography to understand this type of thing.)

Here are some shots of Sharon's red and white quilt.

That same yellow tint seems to have affected Sharon's quilt, too. The fabrics Sharon used is solid red and solid white - it's very pristine looking; clean and crisp. The pattern Sharon used is from a quilt magazine (McCall's, I think), and it was a whole lot more work than mine was. Just imagine staring at those red and white checkerboard blocks for extended periods of time - your eyes will bug out!

So we finished our quilt tops and began planning our next step. Remember I said that this was one of a 4-part plan? Well the other parts, were

a. use our Roman Holiday remnants
b. use our French General remnants
c. make a Christmas quilt

We decided that these red and white quilts will double for Christmas quilts, so that is off the list. After discussing, suggesting, pondering, and all other manner of brainstorming, we came up with doing Tag Sale (Carrie Nelson pattern) with our French General remnants. The remnants of my Roman Holiday fabrics are so picked over that I think I will just have to come up with really, really scrappy-looking 9" blocks, and see what I can create from them.

I may have more ideas on this as the brainstorming continues.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ready For Borders

I did indeed manage to get the center of my red and white Ohio Star quilt put together yesterday. Today Sharon is coming to sew, and I hope to attach borders while she is here.
This is a picture of two-thirds of the center. I liked constructing this in sections, as I described in the previous post. I will use this method on future quilts, I'm sure.

And, all put together, it looks fabulous on the bed. It is still a relatively small quilt; I am so glad that I went ahead and added two rows in length and two rows in width. By the time I add borders, the size will be just fine.

My plan for borders is to use the white for an inner border of about 2 inches. Then I will add a wide red outer border - maybe 6 or 8 inches.

Happy Quilting,l Friends!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Ohio Stars Are Lining Up Nicely

Man, oh man, am I excited about how this quilt is coming together! I hope to get the rest of this center completed today; let me just show you a sneak peek.

Sewing entire quilt tops together always seems so daunting to me; I am impatient at this stage of the quilt-making process. Plus, the bulk that is created by the end is unwieldy. To eliminate such a mass of fabric at the sewing table, I decided to do just a third at a time. Since the quilt is 15 blocks across, I simply sewed three sections of five. The length is 17  blocks. The first completed section is shown above.

The chain-piecing, like I said, can get unwieldy, but doing just five blocks at a time seemed to keep the chaos contained. I like this sectioning-off method.

From sketch to construction in about a week. That's speedy for me. Incubation time has been considerable. A red and white quilt has been in my head for a very long time. This pattern and the plan of doing red and white with Sharon finally got me busy working on it.

Happy Quilting, Friends!